Microfluidics research and development

Find out more about DBM Medix's research and development activities, and how we can help you join the microfluidic revolution!

Taking your place in the microfluidic revolution!

DBM Medix is dedicated to turning your discoveries into innovations. That’s why we always operate in solution mode. That’s what allows us to keep an eye on this booming market, while working on your current and future needs.

Research & Development

Always combining progress with society

To do this, we take advantage of the best possible combination. On the one hand, a multidisciplinary R&D team with a passion for progress and its impact on society; on the other, cutting-edge equipment entirely dedicated to the production of biomedical devices that will form the basis of microfluidic and optical systems.

Take your place in the microfluidic revolution

Responding to challenges with technology, and making it accessible to all businesses: that’s what the DBM Group has been striving to do since its inception. Today, faced with ever more pressing demands in the medical, chemical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, biological and environmental fields, you have more than ever a card to play in the microfluidic revolution.

We can help you get there. How? By working with you right from the design stage. Our increasingly recognized experience in microfluidics enables us to provide our customers with unique solutions to complex problems. Our goal? That your products are state-of-the-art and competitive in today’s market.

For a high-potential research and development department

Our innovation priorities

Innovative solutions require upstream diagnosis and analysis of areas considered to be cornerstones in the field. By focusing on the following services, DBM Medix gives itself – and you – the best possible chance to capitalize on decisive research and development activities:

Our commitment to research

Our concern for evolution doesn’t stop there. DBM Medix regularly participates in studies, both with universities and with biomedical and healthcare research centers. Fully immersed with highly qualified researchers in modern infrastructures, we are in a privileged position to integrate change and pass on the benefits to our customers.

Research & Development

Design for production and assembly (DFMA):
the key to our R&D


To say that the manufacture of biomedical devices is tricky is an understatement!

Dimensions are often micrometric, ultra-precise, and highly reproducible, especially with plastic injection molding:

How to produce correctly and in high volume with these constraints?
Thanks to DFMA(Design for Manufacturing and Assembly).

His goal?
Facilitate the development of demanding products, by taking into account production and assembly challenges, and simplifying design. By extension, this approach also guarantees the profitability, efficiency and conformity of the products in question.

His modus operandi?
Reduce complexity, optimize performance and redefine the product without altering its essence.

DFMA and DBM Medix

At DBM Medix, DFMA is implemented right from the preparation and validation of your prototypes. It focuses mainly on:

  • Design analysis;
  • Manufacturing processes;
  • The materials;
  • Compliance.

Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to optimize each of these points, identify potential problems, propose modifications and, ultimately, ensure the successful manufacture of your devices. This advantageous offer gives you a global view of the entire work chain. Above all, it lays the foundations for a relationship of trust between you and us, so that you can achieve your goals quickly and cost-effectively.

Cost and impact of change

R&D work stages according to the DFMA

Manufacturing processes

Once your concept has been submitted, we will work together to define a manufacturing strategy that will determine all the manufacturing steps to be implemented for production, depending on the volume required:

Design analysis

This stage evaluates the feasibility criteria and tolerances of the selected concept. For example, if parts are made by thermoplastic injection molding, it will be necessary to include draft angles to allow demolding. If certain radii are not acceptable, this needs to be taken into account in the machining strategy. Indeed, surface finish or flatness can have adverse consequences for the assembly stage.

The materials

As you know, choosing the right materials for microfluidic devices is critical. They must meet a number of criteria: biocompatibility, absorption capacity for organic molecules (drugs), oxygen permeability, specific mechanical or optical properties, and assembly compatibility. In addition, certain polymers or silicones offer numerous advantages when it comes to copying microscopic, complex geometries by injection molding, so it’s essential to study the materials carefully in order to obtain the best results.


Medical and biomedical devices must meet FDA or ISO 13485 quality standards. Right from the start of the project, we take the time to establish how these products will be measured or validated, identify the instruments that will be essential, the procedures to be followed, and plan test phases to verify product performance.

DBM Medix not only maintains its dynamism in the microfluidic field, but also ensures that you are included in this evolution. Not just by keeping you up to date with our progress, but by including you in all decisions, by making our work steps easy to understand, and by meeting the most stringent standards. With such an approach, you can be sure of carrying out your project with complete legitimacy, and building a lasting partnership with a company you can trust.


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