Metrology, the operational credibility of DBM Medix

Metrology: a guarantee of precision and confidence in microfluidics.

Metrology is the science of measurement, defining the principles and methods that guarantee the confidence of measurements, and developing internationally recognized reference standards. It is nothing less than the guardian of the accuracy and traceability of results.

And in a field like microfluidics, where precision is legion, you really need a science to underpin the development of related technologies.

Metrology (Quality)

At DBM Medix, setting up a metrology department was more than obvious. It was a moral obligation, a decisive skill, and above all a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing you with medical microfluidic parts of the highest dimensional accuracy.

Why is metrology so important?

A question of operational credibility

Increasingly, microfluidics is being associated with a revolution, which comes with all the excitement generated by this notion. Growing demand, faster production, critical increases in performance: market acceleration must not be achieved at the expense of quality, which would be quite absurd given the precision requirements of the field. Far from being second-rate, quality inspection occupies a decisive position.

With our metrology department equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as coordinate measuring machines, optical profilometers and scanning electron microscopes, we take quality assurance to the highest level. And we can confirm that every aspect of our injection-molded PDMS microfluidic devices meets our exacting standards of precision and excellence. For us, it means operational security; for you, it means protected investment.

Comprehensive measurement services

Thanks to our invaluable combo of cutting-edge technology and a team of seasoned experts, we have everything we need to master the challenges of metrology. Our goal? Meet all your micrometric and submicrometric measurement needs.

Judge for yourself. Our metrology service includes meticulous measurement of dimensions, shapes and roughness, from the metal inserts in the mold to the examination of molded plastic components. When it comes to meeting exact specifications for surface form and dimensional errors, that’s where DBM Medix comes in.

Quality assurance: more than just a line in the specification, a support system

Giving you access to a quality-controlled appellation is a good thing. But it’s even better to support you in the preparation of drawings and the application of dimensioning and geometric tolerancing (GD&T). And this? It’s also part of our metrology department’s job description. With us, you’ll have more confidence than ever in creating drawings that define tolerances and reference surfaces with precision, leading to the highest quality of your microfluidic parts.

Image of confocal microscope result
Image of confocal microscope result

Spotlight on our equipment

Coordinate measuring machine (MMC) with read head

Our high-precision coordinate measuring machine (MMC) features a 0.7 micrometer MPEE, covering a usable range of 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm. Designed for sub-micron precision and low probing force, it enables high-speed scanning rates of up to 200 points per second.

Metrology: Zeiss Micura MMC
MMC Zeiss Micura
Metrology Zeiss Accura MMC
MMC Zeiss Accura 2

Scanning electron microscopes

DBM Medix integrates scanning electron microscopy (SEM) into its metrology service, enabling precise examination of advanced microfluidic wafers (masters) at the submicron level. Using electron beams, the SEM provides high-resolution imaging. What’s on the menu? Detailed analysis of the microstructure, surface morphology and composition of these crucial components, and finally, a meticulous validation process.

SEM images of a nanoporous structure
SEM images of a nanoporous structure

Scanning electron microscopes

Touching optical surfaces is not always practical. That’s why we have state-of-the-art non-contact 3D surface measurement technology. His role? In-depth verification of microstructure and surface roughness.

Keyence VK X200 3D confocal microscope
Keyence VK X200 3D confocal microscope
Image metrology confocal submicron gap
Confocal image of a submicron gap

Detailed reports

In any manufacturing process, being able to make informed decisions is essential. To lighten your daily workload and facilitate your strategic actions concerning your microfluidic components, we provide you with detailed inspection reports enriched with submicron confocal analysis.

Whether it’s to assess surface quality, identify potential improvements, or ensure compliance with rigorous specifications, they will be an invaluable tool for you who demand the highest level of confidence in the handling of your products at all times.

With DBM Medix, get the best of quality

In the microfluidic landscape, DBM Medix has established itself as a model of precision and reliability. You can see for yourself: metrology services, detailed analyses, nanoscale inspections… Yes, our commitment goes beyond traditional compliance. Whether it’s technology or quality, we never hesitate to offer you the very best for microfluidic production based on precise measurement, assurance and confidence.


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