Prototyping brings your concepts to life

Our vision of prototyping

Designing a high-performance microfluidic device is no easy task! Because this is our concern at all times, providing you with products that meet your specific requirements – and even exceed them! – remains our guiding principle.

Prototyping (graphics)

From initial concept to production, we work with you in full collaboration. The goal? Prototype an optimal design for your products, checking all the compulsory boxes in your specifications: functionality, quality, feasibility and cost.

Whether it’s a simple chip or a complex device, you can rely on our know-how and state-of-the-art prototyping technologies to turn your ideas into reality.

Prototype to validate

Prototyping leads to the creation of a prototype that will enable you to validate the effectiveness and viability of your concept before it goes into production. Several criteria are evaluated:

  • Geometry functionality;
  • Liquid flow;
  • Material properties (optical, thermal, mechanical and chemical);
  • Surface characterization (hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, adsorption, absorption);
  • Cell viability and behavior;
  • Definition of production feasibility limits (tolerances on dimensions, alignment, pressure limits, etc.).

Speed and quality: prototyping from DBM Medix

Offering the perfect balance between speed and quality. This is where our prototyping department comes in, with a clear goal in mind: to get your product onto a production line in the best possible conditions. An example? We give you the opportunity to make adjustments faster and less expensively than in the industrialization phase.

How about putting theory into practice? The best way to do this is to take a look at the technologies that enable us to prepare these famous prototypes.

Our prototyping technologies

Manufacture of prototype molds

These molds are designed to produce replicas by casting thermosetting resins – such as PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) – or by injecting thermoplastics or silicones.

Depending on the dimensions of the geometries, they can be produced using the following processes:

  • UV photolithography and etching on silicon wafer;
  • 3D printing: dual photon and LCD;
  • Micro-machining of aluminum or PMMA.

Component manufacturing

Designing a prototype without having to make a mold and then replicate parts by casting or injection can be highly advantageous. Just imagine: with dramatically reduced production times, you open the door to iterations and testing of different configurations, all done more quickly.

Three technologies stand out in the manufacture of device components:

Polymer replication

Using prototype molds or inserts, we can produce parts in small batches, using materials that may or may not be identical to those selected for the final device. Taking into account the points to be validated with the prototype, the replication modes could be as follows:


The challenge for rapid assembly of microfluidic devices and high-volume commercialization? Efficient, stable bonding of thermoplastics and elastomers. In such cases, there’s nothing better than testing different assembly strategies during the manufacturing process. We provide you with the following techniques:

  • Merger;
  • Plasma activation;
  • UV and thermal adhesives;
  • Adhesive films.


Finally, nothing goes out without a complete inspection of the components and the assembled device. Our aim? Check certain dimensional measurements, surface finishes, channel profiles and other geometries. At this stage, metrology and characterization technologies come into play:

  • Microscopy (optical and electron);
  • Three-dimensional measuring machine (CMM);
  • Confocal microscopy (roughness, profilometry, 3D topography).

Depending on your needs, this range of options can be rounded off with solutions for integrating electrodes and electrochemical sensors made by laser printing or ablation.

In conclusion

By combining technical expertise, constant innovation and commitment, our prototyping service continues to reflect our commitment to your projects, and our sincere desire to become your preferred partner in microfluidics. From concepts to concrete products, between you and us, this is just the beginning of a lasting and reliable story towards the commercialization of your innovations in the fields of health and research.


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