Injections & Molding

DBM masters the art of molding: unrivalled expertise in silicone and thermoplastic injections

State-of-the-art molding equipment

Over the past 15 years, the DBM Group has become the benchmark for precise, aesthetically pleasing molded parts.

With its diversified solutions – from silicone molding to advanced thermoplastic techniques – DBM Medix guarantees you optimum quality in injection and molding. Discover the breadth of our expertise in high-volume medical applications, and together we’ll redefine industry standards.

Injection & Molding
Our injection molding machines

Our strength?
Our fleet includes some thirty latest-generation injection molding machines perfectly suited to technical components ranging from 150T to 650T.

Guaranteeing optimum quality

In order to guarantee optimum quality of molded products and establish our know-how in the field, all our machines have been designed according to specific specifications that reflect our image: uncompromising, comprehensive and meticulous.

Our other peripheral equipment

In addition to this work base, which we have been operating and mastering for a long time, we have other state-of-the-art peripheral equipment, such as :
  • Laser cutting stations;
  • Multi-axis robots;
  • Pad printing stations;
  • Control cameras;
  • Systems for
  • Laser engraving systems;
  • Three furnaces;
  • A Class ISO7 cleanroom, equivalent to class 10000 according to FS 209.

A competitive advantage

Thanks to their variety, power and versatility, we can meet any order, whether you need small or large volumes. We have adapted our molding capacities to our objective of opening up to the microfluidic market. Our goal? Precise supply of complex components on demand. We currently use two main types of injections to produce micro-injection moldings: silicone injections and thermoplastics.
Bi-material part in silicone and polycarbonate
Bi-material part in silicone and polycarbonate

Silicone injections

Silicone is increasingly seen as a material with great development potential in microfluidics.

For complex applications

Certain silicone grades – compatible with the medical applications we cater for – enable us to produce parts with very fine details and complex shapes. Its low viscosity could be blamed, but that’s without taking into account the precise tooling and specific designs that are part of DBM Medix’s daily routine. Remember: we’re far from beginners! For some parts, we are even able to reproduce the geometries found on silicon disks. When we say precision, we mean precision.

Silicone injection-molded microchannels
Silicone injection-molded microchannels

For applications requiring rigidity

Another advantage of silicone is its flexibility, enabling it to be overmolded with a thermoplastic structure. The key? More rigidity. Some grades also support the physical, chemical and biological properties of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Well established in the research sector, this polymer is recognized for its ease of use in setting up controlled manufacturing protocols, application tests and experimental set-ups. In short, it’s ideal for prototyping.

Silicone molded part
Silicone molded part
polymer-injected microvalve
polymer-injected microvalve

From craft production to volume production: that’s the prospect offered by silicone and PDMS. By reducing the time needed for testing, verification and validation, they also shorten design times, and significantly open up the way for DBM Medix to reach new levels of quality and quantity.

At DBM Medix, we’ve earned our stripes for expertise in a wide range of thermoplastic molding techniques. These include multi-layer molding and compression molding. As for thermoplastic materials, we use polymers such as polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), cycloolefin copolymer (COC) and cycloolefin polymer (COP). All are commonly used for molding due to their ease of handling, transparency, good dimensional tolerance, and compatibility with microfabrication processes.


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