High-speed machining

High-speed precision machining: DBM Medix excellence.

State-of-the-art machining and certified know-how at your service. Discover the perfection of high-speed machining

Microfluidics imposes very strict geometric and dimensional constraints on microfluidic device manufacturers. And high-speed machining has a number of major advantages over conventional machining: precision, of course, but also the absence of deformation, tearing or material changes.

High-speed machining

DBM Medix’s expertise in high-speed machining? We owe it first and foremost to our highly experienced machining teams and state-of-the-art machining centers. Without them, and without this equipment, we couldn’t offer you channels, cavities and other microfluidic systems where precision and surface finishes are critical.

DBM Medix for innovative, controlled production

High-speed machining and our expertise are the perfect combination:

  • Machine heat-sensitive, fragile and small materials without damaging them;
  • Respect high accuracies for these same materials, which might tend to deform in conventional machining, notably by obtaining defect-free surface finishes, without opacifying plastics or contamination;
  • Directly manufacture high-quality microfluidic devices or design the molds used to inject these devices.

5-axis machining centers: our high-precision assets

Thanks to our best practices and rigorous standards, we are able to maintain an optimally controlled environment in terms of air quality, vibration and temperature (within a tolerance of +/-0.1 degrees). Our5-axis machining centers operate in this space of technological perfection. Equipped with special spindles, they are the source of our excellent surface finishes, increase efficiency and reduce dimensional variations. And it’s in this environment, with some of the highest levels of precision and repeatability in the industry, that we create the geometrically complex microfluidic structures for which we’re renowned.

Specific features of machining at DBM Medix

State-of-the-art technology and sophistication

As for our high-speed CNC machining centers, they are equipped with the latest technologies available, and calibrated according to programming software specially developed in-house for our customers’ needs. They offer performance of up to 60,000 rpm, with specific axes enabling surface finishes of the order of 80 nanometers, internal radii as low as 50 micrometers, and positioning accuracy of 10 micrometers.

Using micrometric cutting tools, high-speed machining is our trump card for producing complex microfluidic geometries in metals, plastics and glass.

High-speed machining
High-speed machining

Turnkey machining

High-speed machining is therefore essential for the manufacture of your microfluidic components. This technique, combined with our know-how, guarantees the precision and resolution you need for your particular applications.

And if you still need convincing, you can rest assured that we’ll be there for you right from the start:

  • Our certified expertise in high-speed machining;
  • Easy access to low-cost machining technology, capable of cutting a wide range of materials;
  • Shorter lead times;
  • These are definite advantages for rapid prototyping.

With this turnkey service, we can examine your designs and determine whether they are suitable for the best machining conditions. You and we share a common goal: to guarantee results of the highest quality.


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