Diamond machining

Diamond machining: DBM Medix's exclusive technique

Diamond machining:
top precision machining

High-speed machining has a precision and quality of resolution that can meet the tight tolerances of complex microfluidic structures in many respects. That said, its fields of application are more associated with very high cutting speeds, and material removal operations suited to the production of parts for the medical industry, including microfluidic components.

Diamond cutting illustration

If you’re aiming for ultra-high precision and resolution – qualities in high demand in microfluidics – you’ll be interested in this technique. Where high-speed machining is distinguished by its versatility for a variety of materials – brittle, soft or heat-sensitive – diamond machining has been specifically developed to work on extremely fragile materials.

Exclusive to DBM Medix

In a rapidly expanding field, whether in terms of applications or competitive development, acquiring and mastering innovative technology makes all the difference. This exclusivity is brought to you by DBM Medix, the only company in North America to offer you the power of diamond machining. And the privilege doesn’t end there, as we can calibrate and program our machines specifically for your needs. In short, personalized service to its full potential, perfect for meeting even your most demanding needs, and perfect for establishing our decisive position in the market.

Diamond machining: principles and equipment from DBM Medix

A brief history

The 2000s saw the emergence of microfluidics, and with it the limits – in terms of precision and structural complexity – of conventional manufacturing methods such as photolithography. It was to overcome these weaknesses that diamond machining was created and perfected in the middle of this decade. Cell biology, diagnostic medicine, analytical chemistry, pharmacology, nanotechnology: diamond machining has brought countless advances to microfluidic applications in these sectors. When you consider that many parts of the world (USA, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea and many others) are contributing and collaborating to advance this technology, you can only dream of the unfulfilled potential of diamond machining.

Process overview

As its name suggests, diamond machining requires natural, single-crystal diamond tools as small as a few tens of micrometers. When removing material, the diamond cutting edge exerts very little cutting pressure, without generating heat, thus preserving the integrity of the material being processed. This makes it ideal for fabricating micrometric microfluidic patterns with exceptional surface finish.

DBM Medix equipment

Diamond Cutting 5

Here is DBM Medix’s major asset: its 4 diamond cutting centers with up to 5 axes. Thanks to them, a wide range of cutting techniques is available to offer the best machining strategy, and to meet our customers’ specifications. Calibrated using dedicated Low Speed Servo software, they are able to push cutting limits to achieve surface finishes of Ra 3.0 nm, positioning accuracy of 5 micrometers, and internal radii as low as 20 nanometers.

Ultra precision diamond machining
High-precision diamond machining

It is this flexibility, efficiency – even in mass production – and universality that make the design of complex channels with variable spatial forms and hierarchical micro/nanostructures possible and accessible. This is definitely the case with microfluidic systems.


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