Microfluidic fields of application

Fields of application that drive medical progress

Imagine: complete laboratories scaled down to just a few square centimetres. These “labs-on-a-chip” represent a significant proportion of microfluidics applications. Take a look at a few examples of these little technological marvels, and appreciate the potential of an exciting breakthrough.

Organs on chips

Toxicity testing of new drugs with “organs on a chip (Organ-on-a-Chip – OcCs)
Organs-on-a-Chip - Brain in a capsule

Microfluidic tumor cell capture

Another way to fight cancer

Circulating tumor cells capture, CTC

Regenerative medicine

microfluidics for personalized medicine

Regenerative medicine


Journey to the heart of the body: the infinite possibilities of endoscopy What’s it all about?

Endoscopy Illustration


Optofluidics: where light and fluids meet

Nano-opening of the plasmon resonance optofluidic structure of biosensors

Point-of-care (PoC) testing devices

Medical, economic and human benefits

Point-of-care testing (PoCT) (illustration)

Microfluidic cell sorting

Microfluidic cell sorting is a technique used to sort and separate cells

Cell sorting