Microfluidic Research

Keep up to date with the latest research in microfluidics by reading our news! You’ll be able to explore the latest advances in the field, and continue to discover how these advances are transforming our understanding of biology and medicine.


MISO CHIP and DBM Medix: a win-win partnership!

DBM Medix powers your innovations! Its partnership with MISO CHIP is a fine example of progress and profitability in the service of health.
Optique sur mesure

Custom optics, the future of medical devices

Medical devices stand to benefit from custom optics. See the benefits and DBM Medix's strengths in producing it!
Liquid silicone

Liquid silicone: the difference in injection molding

Liquid silicone is well on the way to outperforming other injection molding materials in the microfluidic field. Discover its extraordinary assets!

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