DBM Medix: your guarantee in the microfluidic revolution!

DBM Medix, the DBM Group's microfluidic perspective

After DBM Reflex and DBM Optix, DBM Medix is the third subsidiary of the DBM Group. Specialized in microfluidics, it develops, manufactures and supports the marketing of – among other things – microfluidic systems to meet the ever-increasing pressure for performance in the medical, chemical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, biological and environmental sectors.

DBM Medix - Expert in microfluidic technologies

DBM Medix objectives

DBM Medix’s ability to keep an eye on the market at all times, to react quickly and to make informed decisions based on its customers ‘ needs, enables us to meet objectives with local, national and even international impact:

  • Meeting today’s societal challenges with microfluidic technology.
  • Make this discipline accessible to all companies, whatever their product.
  • Make the transition from low-volume to high-volume production a reality, reducing production time and costs, but increasing precision.
  • Through our academic and research contacts, position ourselves as a decisive player on a global scale.
  • Guarantee our customers a privileged place in the technological and economic race represented by microfluidics.
  • Provide them with a gateway to the Group’s other subsidiaries, DBM Reflex and DBM Optix.

Our services

From conception to completion, we have all the equipment and expertise to handle your entire project.

We have our own cleanroom production facilities and continue to develop customized solutions for our customers. Machines, tools, software: nothing is a limit to your development.

Technology, exclusivity and trust: the DBM Medix "brand

Partners in the microfluidic revolution

In addition to providing you with a complete, tailor-made offer in one place, we work tirelessly to facilitate communication and exchange so that you always have a full understanding of all the concepts involved in microfluidics. The one-shot deal? Very little for us. By investing our resources in your vision, we’ll be able to build solutions that are both durable and resolutely modern. In a nutshell? Partnership.

Our exclusives

Thanks to our unfailing dynamism in the market, we are able to offer you exclusive features that explain our exceptional market position:

Factory, laboratory, research center, design industry, business gas pedal, incubator: DBM Medix is all this… and everything you need!


Et mettons en commun vos aspirations et notre maîtrise. Vous verrez à quel point notre collaboration peut vous mener loin.

Write to us!

And share your aspirations with our mastery. You’ll see how far our collaboration can take you.